SalonTarget’s Credit Card Processing Offers Both Salon Owners and Clients Benefits They Will Absolutely Love!

Let me ask you, what do you currently use for your salon credit card processing system?

Wouldn’t you prefer to use one that’s made to naturally work with your SalonTarget software….so you can reap all the additional benefits that come with it?




When you choose to use Bluefin (SalonTarget’s designated credit card processing system), you will see a significant decrease in your online booking
​​​Bluefin gives you the option to require that your online bookings be held with a credit card. This gives you the ability to set in place an online cancellation policy for your clients to adhere to; reinforcing that your time is valued and you still get paid!


Bluefin provides your clients with strict security measures so they never have to worry about having their actual credit card numbers saved.
For every credit card used to book a service, Bluefin creates a unique encrypted token id for it.
Bluefin provides no way for a client’s card to ever be stolen, covering liability and privacy concerns alike.

Have the pleasure of easy monthly payments as bluefin promises the lowest monthly credit card rates available. Bluefin proudly offers all salons $0 to join!


Now let’s think of another must-have…when you’ve had a busy day and your transactions have finally stopped coming in the last thing you want to do is spend another hour with end of day cash drawer balancing, right?
Well you don’t have to with Bluefin!​​​​​​
Bluefin keeps track of all your credit card transactions, so at the end of the day they have already been calculated for you!


Last but certainly not least, Bluefin provides the complimentary luxury of SalonTarget’s eGift card services for your clients!
E-gift cards are free of charge for you, customizable, conveniently purchased directly from your salon website, and then scheduled to send out to the recipients email whenever your client would like!

There’s really no way you can go wrong with Bluefin!

When you compliment SalonTarget with the components Bluefin credit card processing has to offer you, you wind up benefiting from the most savvy salon system on the market today!